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The Lucky Hotel is required under law to register all patrons upon entry to our venue. We do this to be able to notify you if we come into contact with anyone with a positive Covid-19 result on any registered day.

You can pre-register your attendance here. This will speed up the entry process into the hotel.


  • Credit card details are required to confirm all pre-booked reservations. A fee of $15 per person will be charged to the credit card provided if either of the following occurs;
    • Any ‘no shows’ or drop in numbers (with less than 24 hours’ notice)


    • Failure to meet minimum Main Meal purchase per person (Burger, Burrito, Salad or Main) for ALL Courtyard reservations
  • Please note that all table reservations will be held for strictly 15 minutes only. Please take this into account during peak periods when street parking is limited.
  • 1 hr 45 mins sittings apply during peak periods. This needs to be notified at the time of reservation.
  • No group entering or on the premises can consist of more than 10 people, and bookings or reservations for a group entering or on the premises must not consist of more than 10 people.
  • Patrons must remain seated and will not be allowed to stand, mingle or dance
  • Each patron must have at least four-square-metres of space
  • A record of each patron must be taken when visiting the hotel (contactless and paper registration provided)
  • All pubs must identify a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshall during busy periods
  • Patrons must not attempt to move any tables and/or chairs as furniture placement must remain compliant as per COVID-19 regulations

We encourage all patrons to self-isolate should they feel unwell or experience any COVID-19 symptoms. We recommend undertaking COVID-19 testing as soon as possible and remain home until clearance with test results.

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