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Feeling thirsty?

We have a range of craft and traditional beers and ciders that we find delicious and we’re sure you’ll love too!

Bentspoke – Crankshaft
Young Henrys – newtowner
Grainfed – Sneaky One
Grainfed Coal Porter – Dark Ale
Young Henrys – Stayer Mid Lager
Stone & Wood – Pacific Ale
Steel City – Lager
Lord Nelson – Three Sheets Australian Pale Ale
Bentspoke – Easy Ale
Furphy – Refreshing Ale
Tooheys New – Lager
Hahn Super Dry – Lager
Hawke’s Lager
Canadian Club & Dry
Tilse’s – Apple Truck Cider
Bentspoke – Fixie Ginger Beer


We’ve uncorked a wine list that offers a variety of flavours to satisfy even the most discerning wine lovers.

You’ll find wines from all the great wine regions of the world but also a number from our very own backyard in the Hunter Valley.. of course!


Our creative bartenders are passionate about our cocktails and work hard to deliver some tasty concoctions!

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